How to Get to Tawau?
We assume that your journey will start from Kota Kinabalu. First, you will have to take the East-West Highway from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan. Next, take the East Coast Highway which links Tawau and Sandakan.. To get to Tawau, you can either take an express bus which will take about 8 hours or by plane which only takes about 45 minutes. You can see a lot of things and great sceneries including the Mount Kinabalu if you travel by bus. However, the long journey may be tiring. Malaysia Airlines provides 5 daily scheduled flights to Tawau from Kota Kinabalu.

Tawau MAS Office:

Ground and First Floor, TB 319 Block 38,
Jalan Hj Sahabudin, Fajar Complex, Town Extension II,
P.O Box 547, 91008 Tawau, Sabah Malaysia

How do you get around?
Tawau's public transportation is only suitable for locals. So, It is recommended that visitors are to take taxis if they would like to go around the town. The taxi fares are relatively cheap and they charge at flat rate. Local people mostly travel by buses. Traffic jam is not a problem in Tawau. The main roads such as the Dunlop Street and Jalan Utara only get jammed before and after office hours. But you won't get caught in a jam for more than 15 minutes.

Places Of Interest
The interesting places in Tawau are all about getting closer to mother nature. The places are for people to get away from their busy lives. Nothing is more relaxing than being far away from the city.

Tawau Hills Park
This park is located about 30km from town. This park is being taken care by Sabah Parks. The park is a home to macaques, redleaf monkeys, forest tortoise, giant squirrels, hombills and pheasants. Occasionally, one may chance upon civet cats and clouded leopard.

The park is a favourite picnic spot on weekends offering visitors the delights of nature -meadering streams, water falls, hotsprings and jungle trails. Hostels are available at minimal charge. Visitors can also camp here.
For further information, contact:
Ranger's Office Tawau Hills Park WDT 118, 91009 Tawau. Tel : 011-810-676

Balung River Plantation
Located only 45 minutes drive from Tawau, this mature estate lies adjacent to the virgin rainforest of the Tawau Hills National Park and is divided by the clear running waters of the Balung River.

The fertile volcanic soil is ideal for cocoa, oil palm, sugar palm, coffee, vegetables and fruit trees planting in Sabah. For those seeking peace and tranquillity in beautiful surroundings, this is the ideal getaway. One can go swimming in Balung River, jungle trekking, bird watching and mountain biking here.
Accommodation is provided in chalets built of river stone and local timber just a few steps away from the river. A newly-surfaced hard tennis court and badminton court are available for the more energetic guests.

Tawau Town


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